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It's time we learned

Have Fun With Rope

Well, for our October class we've decided to try something scary for us and turn part of the class over to you and play a little game - rope scenes from a hat.

Just like the who's line is it anyway game, but with rope. But be warned, after you make us do it, we're going to tell you how we did it and then make you do it!

Don't worry, before you have to improv a scene we'll teach you some patterns first to help and then end by taking it way down and taking some time to learn meditative rope.

Full schedule and class description is below.

11:45 am - doors open

12:00-1:30 - Pattern class - let's learn from the past as we are standing on the shoulders of giants

There is a reason for all these patterns so let's learn some. These are not the end all be all of rope but they're incredibly useful and good to know so grab your ropes and let's practice.

Chest ties and harnesses - Takate Kote (TK), Karada Hishi, 3 rope TK, doll hishi, sideways suspension harness, arms free TK

Arm ties - Dragon Fly Arm Binder, Floggers Cuff, Rope Cuffs, Cobble Tie, Bunny Ears

Hip Harnesses - Lehto, Booty Basket, Gunslinger, Reverse Tensiion Hip harness

Leg ties - Gravity Boot, Futo, Leg cuff


1:45-2:45 - Rope scenes from a hat - just like the who's line is it anyways game, but with rope - be warned, after you make us figure it out and do it - we're going to explain and make you do it

When you arrive, we'll give you a slip of paper, a pen and point you to the hat. Then, we'll pull scenes from the hat for this part of class and figure it out. Write whatever you want to see if we can do. "Sideways supension" "A hanging foot tie" "Tie hair into the suspension" etc...


3:00-4:00 - Flying from the ground - the power of meditative rope

Confused, I understand, I was too then I learned about the power of the minds eye and how to communicate intent with rope and how to fly away from this mortal coil while lying on the ground. Come and learn meditative rope and fly from the ground.

4:00-5:00 - Open rope time and practice, clean up and get out of dodge.

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