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2 Wrongs

2 wrongs don't make a right and anger doesn't help either

​It's a simple saying really yet so many people just don't get it because they're too busy being angry.

2 wrongs just don't make it right, it makes you wrong too.

Calm down and reflect and THINK. It's the good ole' "Well, if your friend jumped off the golden gate bridge would you jump as well?"

It's OK to be upset by wrongs, it's GOOD to confront wrongs and set them right by means of useful and helpful actions.

It's wrong to try to right a wrong by being clueless, thoughtless and angry and then to do wrong yourself. That doesn't make it right, it makes you wrong too.

I know, I'm an idealist and will perhaps get called a simpleton for writings and thinking like this, not the first time in my life I'll get called pollyanish but stop, think. Anger is a secondary emotion that does not help you, or others, or the situation. If you want to make things right don't be wrong yourself.


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