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The 69 Rules of Poly

Hi, I'm one of the 69's. We're a poly whatever term you prefer and we have some rules I'm electing to share for reasons....

  1. ​Don't move my (enlightenup's) socks

  2. Be wary of ice cream shops and dates

  3. If you go on an afternoon bike ride or watch The Blacklist, great, don't share

  4. BJ's in the basements, Quickie's in the spare room, BD in the office

  5. Don't rearrange my (enlightenup's) office

  6. Nope, none of us are mind readers, you're gonna have to find a way to say it

  7. Is that Whiskey I'm feeling? I thought it was your Whiskey night...

Why are there only 7 poly rules you ask and not 69? Because poly is kind of like the show "Who's line is it anyway" where the rules are made up and the points don't matter...and there really is a long very silly poly jealousy human oddness issue behind each rule that only makes sense to the 69's version of poly.

So those are the 69's current poly rules, we made them up and the points don't matter, if you're trying to understand our poly, good luck, once you figure it out kindly explain it to us 'cause we're still figuring it out, we make it up as we go.

Now, seriously, don't rearrange my office or move my socks.

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