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Our Class Offerings

Our classes have been honed and customized over years of teaching to both small and large groups so everyone of every skill level can get the most out of them.

Each class is designed to be 1-2 hours long. 
Yes, you may steal my classes with one catch

~Testimonials about our classes~

Basics, Basics, Basics

The larks head, the half hitch, the belay hitch, the lock off, the square knot, joining your ropes. Basics, basics, basics… Never done rope, that’s not a problem, we all gotta start somewhere.

Rope for sex

From ways to tie ‘em up and fuck ‘em to slow and sensual to fast and functional adding rope to sex is just fun. Let’s learn how to do it safely and try not to laugh too hard when I get fucked by the squeaky toy.

All the little things

From the finger hook to pull don’t push your rope to how to find the gap in your tie so you can synch it off easily instead of fighting with your tie there are lots of little tips and tricks we’ve all seen but don’t understand and get picked up slowly over time. Well, here they are all in one class.

Conquering columns
and creativity

Just what is a column anyways and why are those damn rope people talking about single columns and double columns? Time to conquer columns and get creative. Tie a foot to hand, or a wrist to a chair leg and a foot to a pole, they're all just columns, now let's get creative and spin the twister wheel and see what happens.

Pattern class
(pick your pattern)

There is a reason for all these patterns so let's learn some. These are not the end all be all of rope but they're incredibly useful and good to know so grab your ropes and let's practice.


Chest ties and harnesses - Takate Kote (TK), Karada Hishi, 3 rope TK, doll hishi, sideways suspension harness, arms free TK


Arm ties - Dragon Fly Arm Binder, Floggers Cuff, Rope Cuffs, Cobble Tie, Bunny Ears


Hip Harnesses - Lehto, Booty Basket, Gunslinger, Reverse Tensiion Hip harness


Leg ties - Gravity Boot, Futo, Leg cuff

Partial suspension

There is an often overlooked but happy medium between floor work and suspension, the partial suspension. Learn how to keep your partner off balance and excited while keeping a foot (or maybe just a toe) on solid ground.

Presenting Rope

To truly master something try teaching it to someone else. From antics to rubrics there is a method to the madness.  Let’s learn some of them in presenting rope. A class about class, how we learned rope and learned to teach rope.

Class is geared for intermediate rope level and assumes you know a single column tie and at least 1 pattern.  By the end the objective is for you to teach the people sitting next to you.

Safe Rope is Sexy Rope

Safety 1st, or 3rd, well, in the top 3 anyway, rope is risky but with a bit of thought and negotiation it can be (relatively) safe. A discussion / demo based class dedicated to understanding the risks of rope so everyone can relax and enjoy / have fun with their ropes.

Finding their last nerve

No, not how to irritate them to no end, you already know how to do that. Grab a pencil or a pair of chop sticks and start poking away, with some guidance of course so you can know for sure where your partners nerves and vital points are.

Predicament bondage

“Fucking engineers” are the worst. They know gravity wins every time and are happy to wait patiently while your feet tire and the nipple clamps pull harder and harder and harder. What a delicious predicament you’ll find yourself in.

Flying from the ground

Confused, I understand, I was too then I learned about the power of the minds eye and how to communicate intent with rope and how to fly away from this mortal coil while lying on the ground. Come and learn meditative rope and fly from the ground.

Fingers, faces, feet and toes

Tired of just tying columns or wrists or harnesses? Want to learn how to tie up the little bits and pieces and even tie 'em all together into weird new rope poses and in ways you never thought of. Then this class is for you. Let's learn how to take those last little wiggly body parts away once and for all as we tie up their fingers, faces, feet and toes.

Suspension 101

Suggested pre-req

Basics, basics, basics 
Safe rope is sexy rope.
At least 1 pattern class

It’s risky, it’s sexy and yes you can do it. Suspension basics and mechanics and how to keep it safe. The looping up lines and creating a mechanical advantage, the belay hitch to avoid synched lock offs, holding your up lines, putting the rope where the body is used to force and many of the need to knows of suspension.

Suspension 201

Suggested pre-req

Suspension 101
All the little things
3-4 Pattern classes

Locking the bite, creating a "false" bite, equipment options, beginning transitions, "little things" like using both your hands and fluid motions, locking your rope off top or bottom, bomb knots, laddering your extra rope to make it photo ready and pretty.

Poly Life

We make poly look easy?  That's what they told us so we decided to teach everyone how easy poly life is!???

Come on by for an evening with the 69's.  We've learned a dozen poly lessons and counting, easy right?  Come on by and let's talk about it.

MIRopes teaches throughout the year!
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