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On Comparing

Mirror mirror on the wall (I thought only guys compared)

I’m thinking on a chat I had where the topic of “prettier” came up.

All I could think was “mirror mirror on the wall” – you do know this is a conversation you’re having with yourself and no one else right?

I mean, I read along and responded so I guess you had the conversation with me in a sense but this is not in fact a conversation with me, this is about you and how you feel and view yourself, after all, you’re talking to a mirror.

No, you’re not prettier than… nor are they prettier than you…

They’re not you and prettier is a relative term.

You’re prettier when you stand tall and proud. You’re prettier when you smile and laugh. You’re prettier when you finally stop overthinking and relax and accept yourself.

I can’t answer if you’re prettier than… because that’s society think and I don’t consent to that think.

Why yes her boobs are bigger but your butt is better. Or your boobs are bigger but her butt to me is (fuck, don’t hit me, I was trying to compare and this was your question).

No, she’s not prettier, she’s not you and she’s…(stop hitting me, I’m giving you a description not an evaluation or judgement).

Fine, what do you want me to say here? Do you want me to just shallowly validate you and leave it at that? Fine, you’re prettier. As long as we’re comparing is my dick or abs or butt or house or whatever better or worse than?

What’s that? Why do guys compare and ask you this shit? Why can’t they just get over their insecurities and accept you love them and want them?

Good question. Talk about the pot and the kettle….

Ladies, relax. He’s talking back to you and thinks you’re pretty. Gentleman, you’re dick is your dick and is fine. Let it go. You’re perfect As you are.

It may take you many chats with the mirror mirror on the wall. I get it. It took me a while to smile back at the guy shaving in the mirror.

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