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Steal My Classes

I spotted a fet writing entitled Don't Steal Other People's Classes and thought, please, steal my classes and retell my stories, just don't pretend they're yours if they're not.

I don't pretend my classes are mine. Well, some of them are true originals but mostly they're modified versions of what others have taught me which is why I tell everyone "Someone taught me, now I'm teaching you, all I ask of you is that you go on to teach someone else."

The concepts in flying from the ground was taught to me by Lord Percival at Shibaricon.

I paint my nails for classes because of a tip Barkas gave me.

The wrapping up lines I learned from Belle. You get the idea.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I'm not upset in the least if I happen to finally say something worth you knowing if you then repeat it.

I do agree with the original post that plagiarism sucks and you should develop your own materials. That being said the difference between plagiarism and citation is...citation.

So please, steal my classes, my sayings, my witicisms or on the occasion I say something you remember or had an effect on you. Just pay it forward and give me a bit of credit.

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