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Thank You EnLightenUp-69 and AttnWhor-69

You guys were terrific! Learning how to "make a deep connection" was fun and inspiring. I could tell you put a lot of thought and effort into the class as well as the informative handouts. Thank you!

~The Michigan Board of Education

Thank you, AttnWhor-69!

Thank you so much to our presenter AttnWhor-69 and her wonderful demo bottom EnLightenUp-69! What a fun class, with lots of humor, information, question-and-answer, and hands-on experiences. We even got to take home samples! Again, thank you so much...


Thank you all


I wanted to say thank you all for the fun filled night. I met alot of great people and have a new love of suspension :) @EnLightenUp thank you for teaching us all and for the suspension


Thank you EnLightenUp-69 and AttnWhor-69


Thank you both for coming out. The class was fun and full of great ideas for sexy fun. I appreciate how you make using rope simple so any exp level can use it. We look forward to having you out for more.

~Flint Educational Munch

Agreed! The only downside is I got so busy tying I didn't get a chance to meet as many folks as I'd like. :) Special thanks to @EnLightenUp-69and @AttnWhor-69 for the instructional demo, which led to me popping my suspension cherry.


Anatomy 101, 5/2/17

I would like to extend a big shout out, and Thank you to @Attnwhor-69, and her amazing pressure point presser @Enlightenup-69!

Last nights class was very informative, and fun. The visual representation was very helpful, in both the handout, and my personal favorite the attire. The team work between you both, was very engaging.

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge, and experiences with us at the Tuesday night BOE. 
Peace- Fae888

Thank You Enlightenup-69 and Attnwhor-69!

Thank you both so much for coming out on a sultry Tuesday evening to share lots of sexy rope stuff with us! We are so grateful for your knowledge and experience. 

It is always an honor to witness the wonderful chemistry between the two of you. Also, the wit and charm with which you present is fantastic!

Thank you to all who came out to learn sexy rope stuff. It was fun to watch everyone utilizing their rope brains and see all of the dreamy, spacey faces of the bottoms! 

Thank you for all of the ideas that many will make their own and expand upon!

On behalf of the BOE... Thank you!


I wanted to express my gratitude for the class on dynamic suspensions you held on Sunday. It really helped me to get a holistic grasp on the fundamentals of suspensions and put together all the bits and pieces I've learned about them over the last couple of years. I finally feel comfortable with at least simple ones.


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