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Too heavy to suspend?

The myth of "too heavy to suspend"


Maybe it's the weekend I had or the conversations or whatever but I have decided I'm REALLY tired of hearing the myth "...too heavy to suspend..."

Note the ... They are not accidental. Top's tell me "I can't..." and bottoms try to tell me "You can't..." and the jist is "...too heavy to suspend..." and I call BULL SHIT.

Either the top is to inexperienced to do it or is pretending because they don't want to say the real reason they are not doing the scene. The bottom's on the other hand have been told non-sense and developed body image issues as a result and perhaps even really believe they are "...too heavy to suspend..."

Non-sense. Most 1/4" rope is rated at 125 lbs working load with a breaking load of 600 lbs. All rope in suspension is doubled up from JUST ONE WRAP. That means with 2 1/4" ropes I can put a working load of 250lbs on them. Then, I add in a rope on the left side, the right side, the chest harness, the legs and oh look, my 1/4" rope now has 10 links to my hard point for a working load of a half a ton and a breaking load of 3 tons and you think the ropes can't hold?

OK, fine, maybe it's you think the hard point will fail. Fine, take my challenge, go grab the hard point with your hands and lift your feet off the ground. Did it hold? Well guess what, that means the hard point will not fail. Your hands held you after all, so can my ropes.

Maybe you think the rigger can't lift you. Well, that's what climbing clips are for with a little mechanical advantage. News flash, I can't even dead lift my attnwhor. I'm a wimp and I'm OK with that. But the very talented Belle showed me how to rig clips in a series to create a mechanical advantage and I watched that tiny beautiful woman lift twice her weight with one hand. Add in the fact in many suspensions you are not dead lifting but pivoting weight around an already fixed point and of course you can be suspended and fly.

Mostly what I'm SICK of is hearing the voice that people use when they say "..too heavy to suspend..."

Either the top says it with a sense of shame or embarrassment or the bottom says it with a sense of shame or embarrassment or rejection or guilt combined with body image issues.

Stop it. There is no such things as "...too heavy to suspend..." and that myth is perpetuating other myths and societal pressures. Just stop it. It's your body and it's beautiful as is and if it shrinks or grows doesn't matter much to me because it's about the beautiful you inside that counts and soon enough we'll all be old and dead and I for one will be glad to have known beautiful souls inside bodies of every shape, size, color, gender etc...and equally glad to have tied and suspended them.

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