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On Friends

My conversation with my son about “friends and friendship”

For reasons I’ll skip here I found myself sitting next to my kid on the stairs discussing his friends and friendship and what to do when you have a fight with a friend.

He retold me stories about his fights with his friends and why he felt hurt and….

So I asked him “Well, OK, so are you saying you don’t want to be friends or you had a fight with your friend?” He paused then said “…well, I still really like playing with them as they’re really fun and I like that they play mine craft and swim with me it’s just that when they did (x) I didn’t like it and was uncomfortable with it”.

So I said “OK, it’s OK that you're hurt, but did you share your hurt with your friend?” The answer, no. So I continued “So why didn’t you share and tell them about (x) and that it upset you and tell your friend they shouldn’t do (x). I mean, my friends tell me to not do (x) not because they don’t care but because they do care and want me to be the best me I can be.”

After a few more words my son decided “OK, I’ll play with my friend because I like playing with my friend but if they do (x) I’ll tell them it’s not OK with me and leave the room.”

Huh, I wonder what kind of fetlife/kink life I’d find myself in if all my fetlife/kink life friends where as astute and mature as my kiddo….

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