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On STI's

STD Shaming – what a shame (trigger warning)​


This post is about STDs and STD shaming. If you’re easily offended or squeamish, click over to explore K & P, like a dick or pussy pick and return your head to your ass (sorry, the sand) and pretend this is a non-discussion.

I HATE STD shaming. I don’t care which STD we’re talking about. AIDS, Herpes, crabs, curable, treatable, non-treatable, whatever, that’s not my point.

I HATE STD shaming. “Only stupid girls get…” “Only player reckless boys contract…”

Fuck you and your stupid propagation of right wing fear mongering and sexual enjoyment shaming.

You do know that’s what you’re doing right? When you look down your nose or whisper behind people’s back right? You’re part of the problem. You’re shaming and creating an environment that creates fear and a reluctance to talk openly about sexual enjoyment and the risks involved and the consequences of accidents and how to deal with them and prevent them right?

You’re part of the problem you STD shamers.

The logical consequence of your own argument and whispers is the abstinence only philosophy. After all the only “twue way” to be STD free is to sleep with only a virgin whom you trade a dowry for and fuck for the first time on your wedding day right? There is no middle ground, no possibility of prophylactics or acceptable risks and if any of those risks happen to you rightly or wrongly it’s clearly because “…only stupid girls get…” and “…only player reckless boys contract…” right?

Look, I’m not saying be careless or reckless. I’m not saying STD discussions are simple. I’m saying STD discussions need to happen without the context of shaming people.

Because, STD shaming is a shame and kinksters really ought to know better.

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