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On Anniversaries

Happy anniversary my loves


Well, it’s been … something(teen) years since my attnwhor and her Merkanas tied the proverbial knot. No not a rope knot, a life knot and on this night I want to wish a happy anniversary to my loves.

The astute reader probably noticed the (not accidental) use of the plural. It’s because as time has passed I’ve come to love my attnwhor’s Merkanas too…

No, we’ve not done that kind of love you perv mind (not that I’m ruling it out) it’s just I’ve come to see him…as in really see him as the lovely wonderful man he is and why we have a common love in my attnwhor.

On this their anniversary I’m fortunate enough to give them a kiddo free night and as I watch their little ones flit about and make a mess of my home I smile broadly and think, yes, this is poly love. Cross boundaries and societies definitions of love. Love of life, of family, of love itself and working together to keep that love going.

Tonight I get the kiddo’s and (I assume) they get the lovin’ but another night they’ll take the kiddo’s and I’ll get the lovin’ and soon enough it will be my attnwhor and my anniversary and Merkanas will be the amazing man he is and kiss my attnwhor out the door as she heads over to me for an amazing near life experience and covers kiddo’s and…you get the idea.

So happy anniversary my loves. I’m delighted to be part of your lives, your love, your family, your anniversary and your life. Enjoy your night out, you’ve earned it….

…and Merkanas, if ever you’re intrigued by that passing remark about loves just let me know, my hunch is with a little talking attnwhor would love it…just sayin’ ;-)

Happy something(teen) anniversary you two. Live, love, laugh, you both deserve it.

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