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On Organizing Events

Why I open my home to kink events

I was asked “…aren’t you worried about opening your home to fet parties…I mean, what if…(insert fear based predictions here)…you do know there are crazies out there.”

I’ve decided it’s time I explain to myself via a fet note and I hope you all enjoy reading along.

My inspiration for opening my home comes from my twin brother. That’s right, I have a twin…and I’d like to note, I’m the good one.

At the age of 30, I bought my house to raise my son in; at the age of 30 my twin sold everything he owned and got on his bike along with his now wife to travel the country free from worldly worries and concerns.

3 years later he returned, a very different man. We got together at the TGIF in Novi for dinner and talked. I asked him how he managed 3 years on the road with nothing but his bike.

He answered the websites and

When my brother left he was like many people. Worried, fearful of the world and the crazies, convinced of the evils of Americans, his neighbors, draw the blinds, be afraid, after all the media tells us daily about…(insert fear based thought here).

But in his 3 years he learned something, the world was full of people willing to give him a warm shower, a warm meal and a couch to sleep on if he just asked. All they wanted in return was that he tells them of his adventures, share himself with them and they in turn shared their homes and warmth with him.

I’ve seen many photos of those who took my brother in, hugged him, loved him, and taught him of the world based on trust and compassion.

My brother is now in a house where you can find a warm shower or a couch. He’ll even take you on a tour of local Detroit scenes and art and the like.

He jests he no longer travels the world, instead he opens his door to the world and the world comes calling.

He’s played host to European students, Asian tourists, Russian migrants, illegal immigrants, bikers and more and as they’ve come and gone he’s heard their stories, learned from their experience and is a better man every day for it.

So why do I open my home for events? It is because I’m not afraid. Yea, sure, there are crazies out there, I see them every few days on the news..but I’m aware of what the news doesn’t show me. The thousands, and thousands of regular good people, working their way through this crazy life just like I am.

The more fet events I host the more I also realize…fet is just fine. After all I’ll take my chances with my fet friends over some of the salesmen and Jehovah’s witnesses that come calling at my door any day of the week and twice on Sunday…(PS. If you’re a fet Jehovah’s witness, no offense intended)

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