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Don't be that guy

How to not be “that creepy guy / dom” online

Step 1 – don’t have your dick as your avatar

Step 2 – spell check / grammar check / speak in complete sentences that avoid mentioning your dick or any of specific body parts of the person you’re contacting

Step 3 – State your reason for contacting them (which I hope has nothing to do with your dick or any specific body part of the person you’re contacting)

Step 4 – Introduce yourself and give a brief description of the reason for your communication (saw your writing on K&P, loved the picture you posted, it was nice to meet you at the munch, etc…)

Step 5 – if their profile (which I hope you took the time to read) contains relationship statuses or rules and requests – acknowledge them in your message and respect them

Step 6 – End by thanking them for their time and wish them well on this one crazy life we get to live

Step 7 – if you don’t get an instant response etc…don’t then violate rules 1-6 because your ego is too fragile to handle it – they could well be out of town, busy or many other things….

Step 8 – enlightenup – enjoy some 69

Signed – a guy who has made many friends online and gone onto meeting them in real life and enjoyed the time / play / experience of it and hates having to read again and again how people treat each other online….

Link to original Fetlife writing

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