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Library cards

Library card, now that's funny

I was reading an article show me your library card and had to laugh because attnwhor, merkanas and I all have library cards hanging on the fridge complete with the library stamp. But what I really had to wonder is "what kind of book am I"?

So I decided to ask one of the kiddos in the house for fun. His answers are priceless.

Attnwhor, she'd be a fiction book. I asked what genre and he said "Fantasy of course"..

She pouted.

Merkanas, he's non fiction. No type, just always non fiction. Ok, so what about me, what kind of book am I?

"Oh, you're a book full of inappropriate pictures I'm not supposed to look at!!!"

Now that's funny right there. Out of the mouths of babes you will hear the truth.

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