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Tell the Truth

Have you tried telling them the truth?

For reasons I'll skip here on FL I've had occasion to talk with a number of people about a number of things of late and I keep coming back to the best advice I was ever given.

"Have you tried telling them the truth?"

I know, seems to simple right? It can't be that simple right? Because I feel and what if they think and how do I know if and....

I get it, the fear, the pain. Been there, tried that, didn't work out to well for me.

"I can't tell her that, she'll think and I'll feel" and "What if they" etc...

So, time for some truth, they (and you) already know about the lies. It's in everything you do or don't do. The looks, the silence on the phone, the change of behavior. It's a self-made mental hell that has only one exit, the truth.

They might not know or want to know the details, you might not be able to face and deal with all the details so you'll cope with a fight or flight but that temporary fight or flight is so much less painful than the lies, the fear etc...

Don't get me wrong, at first the truth may hurt, like hell, but in the end it will set you free.

As Jack Penate sings in this absolutely beautiful song, "Heaven is a place no one lied".

So I'll ask you (the proverbial reader along) "Have you tried telling them the truth?" Perhaps over a tactful dinner? Maybe on a walk? Just might work out in the long run.

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